Non-Conforming Building Products & How it Affects Retaining Walls

In late 2017, the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) cracked down on non-conforming building products, as the industry was plagued by product failure cases causing huge safety risks in people’s homes and workplaces. So, what is a non-conforming building product & how does that affect retaining walls you ask… read on and we’ll explain!


Firstly, a non-conforming building product is one that is not safe, does not/will not comply with safety regulations, and does not/will not comply with the standards it is regulated by. If you’re thinking ‘Why would anyone make a product that is non-conforming’, the answer is price! Competition is huge in our industry so it all comes down to the dollar, people think if they can cut corners and make a cheaper product then they can come out on top.


Alright, now we’ve explained what a non-conforming product is, let’s put it into the context of retaining walls. Retaining walls are regulated by the Australian Standards 4678-2002 Earth retaining structures and state that a retaining wall constructed on a residential dwelling requires a 60-year design life. Yes, I wrote 60! So if you have a retaining wall in your backyard that wasn’t designed to last a minimum of 60 years then the products used are non-conforming. So if you are thinking of installing a timber retaining wall, you may want to think again, as it is rare if not impossible for one to last that long!


You might be thinking, these guys are banging on about non-conforming products and standards, how do their products measure up? Well, every single one of our products in the PIONEER, RIDGI and FRONTIER ranges are designed by an engineer in accordance with not only the Earth retaining structures standard but also the Concrete structure standards. Our products are all designed to last 60 years and have a warranty of 35 years for PIONEER and 15 years FOR RIDGI! We regularly test our concrete strength to ensure the MPa is to our quality standards and also test the galvanised steel products we buy in to ensure the steel grade is correct.


So if you’re in the market for a product you will not have to guess whether it conforms to Australian Standards then give us a call on (07) 3348 1200.


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