The Problem with Timber

We know what you’re thinking and yes, you’re right, timber is a cheaper short-term option when you have little building funds left, but, have you thought about the long-term consequences? According to the National Association of Home Builders, the average length of...

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Maximise Your Outdoor Living Space

For many of us living in inner-city housing and contending with rising house prices having a large yard is becoming increasingly unattainable. The dream of having enough space to swing the cricket bat at a backyard barbeque is often met with the reality of having a...

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Concrete Sleeper Product Applications

Don’t you love products that can be used for multiple uses? Take baby oil – it can be used as a make-up remover, massage oil, shaving gel substitute, or to oil hinges. Well our products are just like that too! Our concrete sleepers and steel posts are mostly used for...

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Retaining Wall Installation Mistakes

Learn from These 3 Costly Mistakes Before You Build Your Retaining Wall Have you ever tackled a project and wished someone had told you about the things to look out for? Well, we certainly have and that’s how we came up with this month’s blog! If you are thinking of...

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It’s ALL about the Aesthetics

Do you have a green and lush backyard and want your retaining wall to blend in? Well we have a solution for you! One way of making your wall look more visually pleasing is by incorporating some greenery and colour with plants. Now don’t get ahead of yourself here,...

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