Don’t you love products that can be used for multiple uses? Take baby oil – it can be used as a make-up remover, massage oil, shaving gel substitute, or to oil hinges. Well our products are just like that too! Our concrete sleepers and steel posts are mostly used for retaining wall purposes but they can also be used for many other applications.

We’ll list the 5 most common and give you some tips on how to do them yourself!


Instead of making a walkway/pathway out of pavers or gravel, our timber look concrete sleepers (Ironbark & Gumtree) make an excellent substitution. They were first used this way as part of a backyard transformation on the TV series ‘The Living Room’. Because of the grainy texture to the face of the sleeper they aren’t slippery, and the natural look will fit in great with any backyard design. You can accessorise with gravel or bark, but the choice is all yours – create a beachy look with natural rocks, or maybe a classic look with polished white stones! An installation tip: level your ground out first, lay weed matting and crusher dust and level each sleeper as you place them down.

Garden Edging

Whether you are only going 1 sleeper high (200mm) or a couple, both the Ridgi & Pioneer concrete sleepers are the perfect alternative to blocks, timber sleepers or sandstone boulders. They don’t take up much room, they won’t attract termites, they’ll last, and they are super easy to install.
There are 2 ways you can put them in if you are only needing 1 sleeper high. The first option is to dig out a little trench and bury half of the sleeper in and compact the dirt around/concrete it in place OR use the steel posts and slot the sleepers in place. We have a ‘how to video’ on installing the Ridgi steel posts and concrete sleepers on our Facebook page if you want some tips!

Planter Boxes

Planter boxes are a great way to make a statement in your yard and you can get super creative with them. You can go horizontal or vertical, create a bench seat in between, stack them on top of one another to create shapes plus much more. The ideas are endless. So, have you ever thought of using a more durable product like concrete sleepers and steel posts instead of those old timber products?
The picture below was sent in by a customer who bought our Ridgi concrete sleepers and steel posts and created this cool looking planter box. They used Ironbark timber look concrete sleepers and painted the steel posts to really make it pop. Design idea: Use Smooth Grey concrete sleepers and steel posts and paint them both to match the guttering or roof of your home for a designer look!

Veggie Patches & Garden Beds

When you search for images of gardens beds or veggie patches, the materials often used are timber and Colourbond panels. One issue you’ll come across with these materials is that they won’t last much more than 5 years. Now that is great if you like renovating your yard that often, but most of us don’t like to! Our concrete sleepers and steel posts won’t rot or warp out in the weather like timber does, so already you have an added bonus. Plus our Ridgi range has a 15 year guarantee and Pioneer 35 years. The timber-look concrete sleepers provide a classic, natural look and you could even paint the steel posts to blend in.

Retaining Walls

And last but not least – concrete retaining walls! This is what we initially designed our products for, and is our core business. The Pioneer range is suitable for retaining walls up to 3.0m high -perfect for those big jobs like subdivisions, or where extra strength is required – and the Ridgi range for walls up to 0.9m high, which is easy & light enough for the DIYer to handle.

For loads of tips, photos and information visit our Facebook pages @ridgiretainingwalls or @aussieconcreteproducts1

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