How much does a retaining wall cost?

This will very for each job, because every site is different.  Factors such as access, surcharges and size of the wall can impact the cost of your retaining wall.  We can only accurately price your job after viewing your site and discussing your needs.

Do I need council approval?

Most councils require that any retaining walls over 1.0m in height from natural ground level are subject to building approval. Futhermore, any retaining wall that is less than 1.5m away from a building or other retaining wall also requires building approval.

What if I don't obtain council approval for my retaining wall?

If you construct an assessable retaining wall without firstly obtaining building approval, you may face heavy penalties for committing an offence against Building Act 1975, and consequently the Integrated Planning Act 1997.

Are your products engineer designed?

Yes, all products are designed and manufactured according to strict engineer designs.

Do your products meet Australian Standards?

Yes, all of our Pioneer products meet Australian Standard for Earth Retaining Structures (AS 4678-2002).

Do you offer a product guarantee?

Yes, all of our products come with a 35-year guarantee.

Can I build my retaining wall?

As long as you follow your local councils retaining wall requirements you most certainly can!

Do you deliver?

Please contact us for a quote & delivery availability on (07) 3348 1200.

Can I cut concrete sleepers?

Concrete sleepers can be cut using a diamond blade, under running water. Be sure to seal up the exposed steel with a gal paint or tar paint, to prevent rusting. Please note that cutting your ACP concrete sleeper will void your 35-year warranty on the sleepers cut.

There's a white powdery substance on my sleepers?

This is not a product fault, this is called efflorescence. Efflorescence is the migration of salt to the surface of a porous material, where it forms a coating. The essential process involves the dissolving of an internally held salt in water, or occasionally in another solvent. Please click here to learn more.

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