The Council Approval Process

Are you in the planning stage of your new retaining wall and wondering do I need council approval? Well you’re in luck! Aussie Concrete Products has compiled a list of steps that you need to follow to find out if your project will be subjected to council approval here in QLD.

Some questions to ask yourself to gauge whether you retaining wall will be subjected to the council approval process include:

  • Will my retaining wall be over 1m in height above natural ground level?
  • Will it be within 1.5m of another structure such as a house, shed or another retaining wall?
  • Will it have a ‘surcharge loading’ over the ‘zone of influence’ i.e. a driveway?
  • Will it be required to be built over a sewer or water supply main or storm water pipe?
  • Will it form part of a pool fence?

Did you answer yes to any of the above? If so your retaining wall will require building approval by a certifier in order to gain council approval. But stress not we’re here to explain the entire process for you.

1. You will need to engage a engineer to draw to scale the exact positioning of your retaining wall as well as have them produce a design that is specific to your retaining wall needs based on things like soil type or unseen utilities etc.

2. You will then need to hire a building certifier to lodge your building application with the plans and design from your Engineer.

3.  It’s important to remember to wait until you have received approval before any construction begins (this step can take some time depending on your council so ensure you allow at least 2 weeks in your pre-build timeline)

4. Once you have received approval, you can now engage the help of a qualified and licensed structural landscaper or builder to begin constructing the wall to specifications of your Engineers designs.

5. Arrange for your engineer to come out and inspect the footings of your retaining wall to ensure they are correctly installed and built to their specifications before proceeding with your build.

6. Once the installation is complete your engineer will need to be arranged to come out for the final time to perform their final inspection and sign of that the wall has been designed to their specifications that had been previously lodged and approved.

And there you have it! As you can see it is a fairly lengthy process but that’s where we come in! We can organise this entire process for you from start to finish!

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